New Farline

The Adventures of Adventurers in New Farline!

Session 1

Our bold and brave heroes Marcus, Karys, Ryker, and Nico set out on their most important adventure in their lives so far, paying rent! After successfully navigating through Ilysis on the King’s Birthday, the party day of all party days, they encountered a bar in dire need of assistance. A gambler by the name of Blondy was enjoying harmless gambling games with the bar’s patrons. Harmless until the the patrons discovered that the only thing you could win from Blondy was a stabbing. Ever so brave, our four heroes outfought Blondy and his dwarven companion Rockbeard, made the bar a safe place to get blackout drunk in once more, and even earned enough money to pay off their rent! Nico went back to school on the partiest of parties while the rest enjoyed several rounds of lemon flavored alcohol with the bar’s owner/barmaid Red. While Karys learned the dire news of the King’s failing health, there was still much partying to do as the group got to know Red better. Especially Marcus and Karys. At the same time. The very next day, the drunkards wiped the crust off their eyes and fought their hangovers to deliver their rent on time to their sleazy landlord. Good times!


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