The Tome of ? ? ? ?

A book written in a completely unintelligable language.


No Known Stats Exist.


“Can you point me in the direction of a complete cipher for this thing? Please?”
~Ryker asking an Oracle

A tome written in peculiar and nigh unintelligible markings currently being decrypted by Ryker. The tome was allegedly found by him within the archives of a group of magic casters somewhere in Farline. The book’s exact origins, purpose, and number in existence is uncertain. However, the numerous ciphers in existence indicated by an oracle Ryker consulted would seem to suggest numerous copies exist.

There are three alleged existing copies of complete ciphers located in the following locations:
1) The Emperor of Chuusein’s personal library within the Chuusein Imperial City
2) Estaban’s private book collection in Ilysis
3) The Ruins of Old Gredix

The Tome of ? ? ? ?

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