Marcus Crockett, the adopted son of Davy, is a unique character by many means. He was adopted by Davy when found practicing his scorpion stance and fist excercises in a small but lively village of coastal and marsh dwelling people in the northern part of the Wildlands.

He has relatively long mottled dreadlocks, and has a slight coastal accent (resembles jamaican) and is half-black.

Like the many fisherman and people of the coastal village Marcus grew up in, he practices voodoo. This voodoo doesnt create any special powers or features in the game other than to show Marcus’s religous side.

Marcus is constantly training himself, always waking up in the mornings to stretch well and get his blood flowing in his veins with a short workout.

Marcus could be described as a tainted monk of sorts, because until adopted by Davy at the age of 19 he not only practices voodoo, but drinks excessively and enjoys smoking the occasional cigar despite the monk practice of keeping a healthy body mind and soul. Marcus just believes in keeping a good soul by having a good time.

In his free time, Marcus likes to study some of the history of the places he visits. This helps Marcus gain an advantage when he needs to parkour the walls and streets of a city or to navigate the rolling hills of a grassy plains well.

Despite all of this, Marcus is very kind at heart, but extreme lawful and blunt in his actions. Marcus hardly tries to hide his actions and almost always speaks his mind coming off as very straightforward and blunt. Being extremely lawful, Marcus will proceed selflessly and without any regard for his own safety seek out the justice of a criminal and either eliminate him with a flurry of punches or knock him unconcious and turn him into the local authorities.

The most mysterious part about Marcus though, is that no one knows exactly why or what voodoo he does to every one of his criminal victims after he is finished with them. Most say he banishes the souls of those criminals to an obscene and torturous place in order to pay for their wrongs. Others say that because he touches the victims while he speaks in voodoo he is transferring the soul of the victim to his fists to further his strength in battle.

Full Name: Marcus “voodoo” Crocket


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